Overwhelmed by your business?
Many business owners spend years growing a thriving coaching or consulting business only to be swamped by their own success.

Maybe you’re earning multiple six-figures in revenue, but it’s inconsistent and it’s definitely not enough profit.

You feel trapped because you’re wearing all the hats -- doing all the marketing, sales, and fulfillment yourself… and as soon you focus on one area, the wheels start to fall off elsewhere!

You’ve got some freelancers helping you out, but you don’t have the predictable income to comfortably hire full-time dedicated staff.

We Can Help.

With over four decades of sales and marketing experience between our senior partners,
we have mastered scaling expert-based businesses into multiple seven-figure organizations.

We will show you exactly how to:
• Generate leads on demand (without paid advertising)
• Fill your pipeline with interested and qualified conversations
• Standardize your offers so you're only serving your best clients
• Structure your sales process to optimize conversion rates
• Establish predictable cash flow

...which will allow you to hire dedicated staff members who can execute your well-documented systems,
giving you the increased income, impact and personal freedom you desire!

We turn your business into a Profit-Generating Freedom Machine.

And this call is your first step to working with us.

In 60 minutes, we will MAP out your most direct path from an inconsistent six-figure business to a predictable seven-figure company.

Looking at your operational capacity, marketing strategy and sales process, we will determine how to most easily 10x your business in the next twelve months.

Once you have this SalesMAP in place, you can either decide to go build it yourself, or if you’d like our support, we’ll credit this initial deposit towards our consulting package.

Your Sale-to-Scale Plan

On our "$1.2M in 12m" call, we will customize your SalesMAP to go from an inconsistent six-figure business to a predictable seven-figure company - the exact path for you to reach $100k/month in the next year! 

Together we will:
  • Identify the obstacles that are keeping you stuck
  • Review current Operational Capacity, Marketing Strategy and Sales Process
  • Develop your personalized Plan to Six-Figure Months
You will walk away with a clear, actionable plan for scaling your business to seven-figures with MORE time and location freedom...


What our Clients are Saying...

Fabienne Fredrickson - Founder, The Client Attraction Business School 

"Caitlin's unmatched expertise in helping us brilliantly recruit and train talented, loving appointment setters and enrollment coaches. These sales-trained individuals have since become a seamless extension of our brand and have helped us dramatically grow our student body. We are thrilled with the outcome and wholeheartedly recommend Caitlin!"

Ryan Levesque - CEO , The Ask Method

Not only is Janet an incredibly talented salesperson, she sells with the highest integrity -- she's someone you can trust to represent your brand and improve sales results.

Alex Mandossian - CEO, Marketing Online

Janet is fearless. To enroll a hundred k client the numbers don't really impact her mindset, she doesn't get scared with those numbers.

Marjory Wildcraft - CEO, The Grow Network

Working with Tobin has been a high ROI for me. He has an amazing amount of great resources. He is sincere, genuine and the information he offers is solid, practical and simple to implement. 

Meet the Faculty

Janet Clark, 
High-End Enrollment

Janet Clark (MS Professional Communications) has over 30 years of corporate experience in the telecom industry as a National Sales Director, including 15 years as a B2B Agency Owner and 7 years coaching high ticket sales through The Freedom Shift. She has personally closed over $8M in high ticket programs.

Michael and Caitlin Doemner, 
Sales Team Management

Michael and Caitlin Doemner (MBA) are co-CEOs of Virtual Coaching Sales, and have built and managed sales teams for some of the biggest names in the coaching industry, including Ali Brown and Deepak Chopra. They have generated over $10,000,000 in new revenue for their clients within the last 7 years, and Caitlin personally closes about $2M in high-end coaching sales each year. She's the author of The Unseen Sales Machine: How to Automate & Scale your High-End Product Sales and Sell with Heart: How to Grow your Business with Love & Authenticity.

Tobin Slaven, 
Lead Generation

Tobin Slaven (M.Ed. in Psychology and Development) founder of MustTryIt! Media where he helped grow one of his clients into a national non-profit, and from pre-revenue to over $20MM in annual operating budget. His "Conversations at Scale" methodology has proven to move cold contacts into closed deals more effectively than industry-standard lead funnels.

More Client Testimonials...

Cecilia Wong - CEO, Cecelia Wong Skincare

Caitlin is truly a Sales whisperer! ...She changed my view on what selling should be. I love how she broke everything down and made it so simple to understand. The best part was that her sales techniques were so authentic. They didn't feel slimy or distasteful. If you want to learn to sell gracefully, I highly recommend working with Caitlin. I am excited to see my transformation after her course and there's no better time to invest in myself because I am WORTH it!  

Scott Roewer - CEO , The Organizing Agency

Even after 12 years in business, I felt like I was still struggling to overcome my clients' objections ... Establishing systems to consistently close deals is an area of my business is where I can ALWAYS improve my skills. Now, after participating in the Academy, we're reaching a new level of close rates! We closed 80% of our sales during the Academy and had a record breaking month in March! I'm now training my staff with our new skills and anticipate we'll easily break a half million next year! 

Amber Thiel - CEO, The Healthy Edge

Personally, I really stepped into a lot of Caitlin’s suggestions on mindset and different strategies and techniques and how to approach a sales call: I had six sales calls in the course of a week and I had a 100% say YES! I thought that I was already pretty good -- I had a pretty good conversion rate -- but I totally saw things coming up in the calls where I was like, “Okay, my tendency would be to do THIS... but based on what Caitlin said and what I’ve learned, I’m going to do this instead...” And it was AWESOME!, so powerful.
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